Trainer’s Certification Course

Dates: 10 May 2023 ,11 May 2023,
12 May 2023 (03 Days)
Time  :07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
Training Provider :SafeStart, Canada
Course Leader : Mr. Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson is a pioneer in the area of Human Factors in safety. He has been a safety consultant for over 25 years and has worked on-site with hundreds of companies worldwide, He is the author of SafeStart, an advanced safety and performance awareness program, successfully implemented in more than 3.500 companies, in over 60 countries, with more than 4 million people trained. He co-authored the book “Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms” and authored the book “Defenseless Moments: a Different Perspective on Serious Injuries”. Larry is the moderator of the SafeConnection

Course Outline:

  • During the SafeStart 3-days Trainer Certification Course, safety professionals go beyond improving individual awareness levels and understanding the patterns that lead to injury to learn optimal usage of the SafeStart method and teaching approach, along with delivering (or co-delivering) a session to the team.
  • Each unit reviewed includes video materials, the sharing of stories, a discussion portion and workbook- based exercises. Participants will receive SafeStart materials (including five workbooks) and more.
  •  Further formal elements are deployed within SafeStart for long-term use by companies intent on organizational transformation. Taken as the entire course, deliverables leave trainees fully equipped to maintain safety at work and at home 24/7.

Training Objective:

Attending the 3-day evaluation and certification workshop safety professionals will see the foundation for the entire SafeStart process unfold, certify (or recertify) SafeStart trainers, and establish them as safety champions who will provide their co-workers with daily motivation, guidance and training on the SafeStart program when the program is acquired by the company.

Who should attend:

All safety professionals interested in learning more about Human Factors and how they cause Critical Errors and Serious Injuries.
Human factors differ from traditional BBS in that it is “Inside-out vs. Outside-in”, and as such, traditional BBS is good for deliberate risk but has a little direct impact on human error. Furthermore, traditional BBS has little to no effect outside of the workplace or when driving.
SafeStart is about improving personal safety. It has been proven to reduce workplace injuries by 50-70% in the first two years and 80%+ over 4 years. Many companies have also reported similar reductions in serious injuries off the job and when driving. To date, SafeStart is being used in 69 countries at over 10,000 worksites with approximately 4,200,000 employees trained.

Workshop Fee: KD 450 (USD 1485)